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A lot more people are getting into business today, capitalising on their skills and time. Many times, perhaps because we have been conditioned to think that way, we find that the cosier the comfort, the harder it is to step out and make the most of our abilities. 

The gospel for the longest time has been to get a good education, which would lead to a good job. For most people, this would mean taking up courses that guarantee job security, which would then mean side-lining the pursuit of their dreams. For others it would mean stepping out of their comfort, learning some new skills and pursuing their dreams.

This is what Comfort has done and is still doing. Instead of waiting around for opportunities to present themselves, she went out after them and created her own comfort. Pun intended. She has taken her time, invested it wisely and monetized it. That is what you call creating real value. Comfort is a Digital Marketer with a Bachelor of Arts in English from the Namibia University of Science and Technology, and a BA Honours in Film Producing from AFDA.

Comfort Itunu Ajibola is a Nigerian born creative, who moved to Namibia in 2004. She is a content creator, a YouTuber, who makes weekly videos on personal development, filmmaking and marketing. She is also the Operations Manager at Jumper Namibia, a Windhoek based visual communications marketing agency. She is a powerhouse of skills. But she did not just come out of university and landed her dream job.

“Yes, like many people lately, I have had many jobs across several industries. I was a reporter at Namibia Economist and I have worked at several other companies after that too.”

She gives credit to her formal employment for helping her learn more about herself, not only on a personal level but also on a professional one.

“I also learned what it meant to be part of a team; I learned what a company should and shouldn’t be. Everything has been invaluable to my journey today.”

Comfort has been freelancing officially since 2020 but has been selling her skills for quite some time. Freelancing is not without its challenges, especially in her line of work. Some challenges include getting people to trust the use of new media for marketing and promoting their businesses.

“It’s hard to sell an umbrella to someone who doesn’t know the difference between a cumulonimbus and a cumulus.”

One of the biggest challenges currently, especially for local content creators, is when clients either do not pay for work done for them, or they underpay for services, disregarding the impact of the very services and how much effort was invested. 

“People don’t see the value, they undervalue us. They offer us small money for the work that we do. But they forget that if you want quality work, you have to pay a certain amount to get quality work.” 

It’s overcoming the challenges that makes the work that much worth it.

A big motivation to working hard every day is knowing that your work feeds you, in the literary sense. Time is the biggest commodity an individual has, and how you spend it makes a big difference in all aspects of life, more so when you are running your business. 

To independently work for yourself means that you learn to think on your feet, and you learn just what you are capable of. It teaches you to be a jack of all trades as you get to be the one handling or seeing to all aspects of your business, especially knowing how and where your capital is spent, to the last penny.

Why does freelancing work? Because you still have a stable source of income, and you continue to learn new skills. So for anyone thinking to start a business of their own, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB! That is, if you really must, at least only do it when your side hustle can make a profit that is more than your salary.

While you are considering your options, know that it is important to keep learning. Keep acquiring new knowledge, learn new skills that are helpful in what you want to pursue. Graduating from university did not mean learning stopped for Comfort.

“I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve myself, my skills. Reading, podcasts, videos – I am always diving into something that I know will help me grow. Just because you graduated from university doesn’t mean that life is done teaching you stuff, and life teaches the best lessons through struggle, adversity and the most insane challenges. They never stop, you can either embrace them or keep moving or you can let it beat you down. My name might be Comfort, but I embrace the uncomfortable because that’s where the most growth and development resides.”

It is that pursuit of knowledge that has helped in both her full-time job and her content creation. Her weekly videos address different topics including the basics of content creation, selecting a career, relationship with self and others, just to name a few. Freelancing is and will also be a great idea, which requires a little more push than we are comfortable with.

Fun Fact:

Itunu, which is Comfort’s middle name, is Yoruba for ‘Comfort of the Lord’. Very fitting.

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