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Fizzy Driving School, Promoting Safe Driving

Namibia ranks number 40 globally in deaths by road traffic accidents, according to the World Life Expectancy website’s most recent data. That is 40 out of 183 countries. Right above Nigeria and a notch below Congo. To say that’s too much is an understatement. Locally, the statistics keep shooting up with every passing weekend.  

This is one of the motivations behind Fizzy Driving School, promotion of safe driving on the road. The driving school was established by sole owner Jakobs Edwards, known to everyone else as James. The school offers driving lessons to Learner’s License holders to get their driver’s licenses, from the very first driving lesson until passing the final driving test.

James used to work as a driving school instructor for 3 other driving schools before he opened his own. “When I started, I had no capital or car, but I had the passion. I decided to work for others just so I could learn the business know-how first. I realized it was going to take me too long to save up enough money to buy a car, with living expenses and all. I registered the business first and then I approached my 3 employers with a proposal to work for a car on contract.” James said. 

While the first two did not go with the idea, as they only had one operational car and could not afford to part with it, the third employer agreed to the idea and the two signed an agreement. After some time, he paid the car off and opened his own driving school.

Fizzy Driving School first opened in Windhoek with just one car, but today boasts of 4 cars, with branches operating in Karibib, Okahandja, Ongwediva and Oshakati areas. Although the school has 4 vehicles, only 3 are operational at the moment. James had recently let go of a driver due to misconduct. That shows the standard of the business, nothing less.

“You know, we have this culture that once we get used to each other in the workplace, we assume we don’t have to be professional anymore. We get too comfortable with each other and forget we are working. Professionalism is a standard that must be maintained at all times.”

The values of Fizzy Driving School are what set it apart. All drivers are experienced, the school has several cars to choose from, be it manual or automatic, in different sizes and makes. Punctuality is no compromise.

James has had experiences working in different companies in different positions before he started his own business. It is from those experiences he learnt that humility helps in growing in different capacities. He also learned just how hard one has to work to successfully sustain a business. 

Covid-19 has now become part and parcel of our days; we plan and conduct our businesses keeping in mind that we have to maintain safety. And just like many other businesses, James’ business has been affected by it.

“Just like other businesses, we are experiencing a shortage of clients. People lost jobs and are unable to afford some services anymore. Some are concerned about their health and safety. But of course, we are also doing our best to adhere to the measures and regulations as set by the government. We have sanitizers in all the cars and encourage clients to always sanitize their hands before they begin classes.” James said.

On the issue of road accidents, Fizzy Driving School stands by the understanding that it is a driving instructor’s discretion to advise learners who may not be ready for the road, to keep practicing. Such learners become a danger on the road if not properly guided. Sometimes accidents are caused by a driver’s false confidence. 

For more information about what Fizzy Driving School has to offer, go to their website: They also keep a record of their accomplishments on their Instagram page:, and can be reached on +26481 396 2340. 

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