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A problem identified is a problem half solved. But some problems are so uncomfortable that the sufferers either do not seek solutions or when they do, they look in the wrong places. Fina’s Detox Pearls hope to change this. From yeast infections to keeping your privates well cared for, the business offers 100% organic intimate herbal products for both men and women.  

Fina’s Detox Pearls was established in 2018 by owner, upcoming entrepreneur Fina Mukwa. After experiencing a persistent problem of yeast infection, the 28-year-old finance graduate travelled to South Africa in hopes of finding help for her problem and that is when she was introduced to the products. The detox pearls immediately proved a success and because of that, she was encouraged to bring the same relief to others who may have the same problems but not the necessary resources to acquire them.

The products are for both men and women, and they include steaming oils, detoxing salts, and herbal soaps and gels for many different uses. They have products for weightless, increasing libido, genital care and so much more.

“I buy most products already made, but I also make some of them myself, like the facial products, which are 100% organic,” she explains.

Due to the kind of problems clients may be seeking the products for, confidentiality is a priority at Fina’s Detox Pearls. Before a client is sold a product, Fina first asks questions to determine what the exact problem is, to make sure the right product is sold, as different bodies also react differently even to the same product.

“I currently operate from Gustav Voigts and have one employee. I had distributors in Bulawayo and Cape Town, but because of Covid 19, that couldn’t work out.”

In the next five years, Fina plans to expand the business by opening centers in other towns locally, and outside to other SADC countries. Fina couriers products worldwide, as she has clients as far as the UK, Canada and Australia. The business does more than just sell products, but because of the nature of products sold, sometimes clients come with relationship problems too and vent out to Fina.

“Women have issues, and most times they just don’t know where to go to for help and so they would call at all times of the day and night and vent out to me. Because of that, I decided to hold consultation events for women. I had one on 04 June but because of the limited time, we were not able to help everyone. I will be releasing dates for the next ones soon enough on my social media pages.”

The company also engages in social responsibility by way of giving out grocery packages in informal settlements every once in a while.

Fina’s Detox Pearls is in Gustav Voights Shopping Centre where they sell some of their products, one can also see what they have in stock on their website:  Reach out to Fina on Facebook and Instagram: Fina’s Detox Pearls, for your intimate solutions.

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