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Favorite drinks taste better in Onzimbogo

Onzimbogo bar isn’t a regular drinking joint where patrons cause commotion after a sip of fermentation. It rather encourages its customers by giving back to the community through sponsoring various sports activities from time to time. 

As much as people enjoy drinking their favorite drinks, it turns out they also take delight in participating in sports activities. Nzimbogo, the owner of Onzimbogo bar discovered this secret and ran with it ever since to his advantage. One can safely declare that it made him famous and of course richer. The soft spoken man explained that, establishing this bar was his way of making a living to maintain his household. As it is known, getting a job in the 22 centuries has become a struggle especially for folks with less certification. 

His sports tournament helps the youth to remain positive and focused. A young man who plays for one of the team’s partaking in the sports activities excitedly applauded the man for creating such a platform to showcase their talents. He further stated that he enjoys playing soccer because it keeps him busy and as a way of exercising his mind, he critically thinks better in school leading him to perform well academically. 

Mr. Nzimbogo advocate for better care, education and health. He promotes hard work and positivity in young minds not to depend on anyone but themselves. Onzimbogo bar resides at Uukwangula-Embandu location in the Okatana constituency, 10 km outside of Oshakati alongside main road to Okahao.

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