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Namibia is a dry arid land; dry farming lands require explicit agricultural techniques for the non-irrigated cultivation of crops. The rainy season is the only season suitable for crop farming while other seasons need proper farming practices and irrigation which requires a lot of water.

Suncrest Farming Solutions provides farming resolutions and training services to farmers. Knowledge is power and the failures of a farmer starve the nation, Suncrest farming, therefore, trains commercial and subsistence farmers on how to farm efficiently. They offer eligible solutions for farmers in Namibia to enable them the farm intensively in Namibia’s dry land, this includes greenhouse installation and greenhouse tunnel suppliers. The greenhouse is suitable for farming in drylands as it requires less irrigation than normal farming because it traps moisture and allows greater control over the growing environment of plants.

Farming is one of the most important practices in society, firstly it provides food to subsistence farmers and their families. Secondly, large commercial farmers provide job opportunities to people in the society and contribute to the economic growth of the country by exporting their goods outside the country. Generally farming is the main reason for the existence of human and animal species.

Suncrest Farming also gives detailed information on irrigation systems and the suitable irrigation system for different or specific crops. For start-up farmers, they provide seedlings, seeds, planting bags and soil analysis for farmers to know what crop or plant is suitable for their exact soil. Furthermore, they provide farm management services as well as ideas on branding and marketing of farm products because a lot of farmers turn to farms but make no profit or income out of it, so they help farmers to be profitable.

Suncrest farming solutions believes that everyone that is able to water a plant, or simply just plant potatoes is a farmer and they can make a profit out of it, they just need advice from the expert farmers. They can be reached on 0816029681

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