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Experience the best and safest shuttle services within the northern regions with FGT services

Two young entrepreneurs in the northern part of Namibia are taking the lucrative transport industry by storm through their transportation company, FGT Shuttles.

Fredrick G T Kalumbu and Jeremiah Namukwambi, established the FGT flights, a Namibian-based Shuttle Company that serves the best value services in the industry. Whether you need a private tour to a different town or a Luxury trip to a place of your liking within the northern regions, FGT is always ready to serve. FGT fleet includes a seven-seater, a Toyota Corolla, a Honda and a variety of other vehicles, which are equipped with the latest technologies.

The two entrepreneurs said they started a free ride service, FGT flight because they have heard too many stories of abuse and discrimination against indigenous people by taxi drivers. They said that people in the north do not feel safe especially when travelling during the night because of kidnappings, fear of being raped and these things are quite common in the northern part of the country.

“Seems like everyone I pick up, it’s the same story: ‘I’ll never take a cab again’. Some of them tell how cab drivers try to touch them, say things that make them feel uncomfortable and sometimes even take them to places they don’t want to be or don’t intend to go;  a lot of them won’t speak out about it. They’re too scared to say anything about it”, says Jerry.

Since December last year, FGT has kept a log of almost 300 people who have used their ride services.

“We collect and drop-off at the airport. We also do tours to nature reserves and lodges, National parks such as the Etosha National Park and Game Lodges, recreational places such as Othithiya in Omuthiya, B&Bs (Bed and Breakfast), guest houses and many more. We cater for any transfer requests, whether it is to the airport, concert or sport event and back. We shall collect you from your home, office or the airport and transport you safely and conveniently to your destination”, Fredrick added.

 The company has become a success in the four “O” regions because of its affordability and convenience; they are looking at expanding their services to many more provinces. They said that since the world is entering into a digital space, FGT is working on an online app service where customers can use to make bookings and reservations.

At the moment, customers can make their bookings through emails or by calling them directly on their mobile numbers:  Fredrick G T Kalumbu 0813998885, Jeremiah Namukwambi +264813481669.

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