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Entrepreneurs secure business recovery support from SME compete and GIZ

SME Competitiveness Consultancy  hosted a Pitch for Recovery program- (P4R) in Kavongo East, Rundu, where 11 beneficiaries received grants of N$ 183 000 in total. The P4R ran from the week of 12th October 2020.

Speaking to Deny Meyer, Co-founding Share, Director and first CEO of SME Compete said that “ the P4R assists enterprises in distress that have been operating for 36 months or longer and need recovery support. The program only looks at the established enterprises that were affected by COVID-19,  since there are numerous institutions that offer grants or loan to start-ups, but no income grants  were offered to the fully operating business such as saloon, barbers, restaurants or logistic companies. SME Compete wants to revive these businesses to keep their employees and continue ”.

SME compete early this year offered business skills and compile business plans  to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector at Namibian Craft Center. The training has so far paved way for these entrepreneurs to learn the steps in addressing locals to buying souvenirs, which  is the only market for now, said Deny.


The organization has been in collaboration with German Development services GIZ and they already made a difference in Omaheke and Erongo regions and will be moving to Kavango West at Nkurenkuru community hall on the 17th October 2020. GIZ has been aiding with funds and SME with business training and mentorship, Biashara news confirms.

The Rundu P4R participants were coached and guided on pitching in an impactful and truthful manner to increase the chances of obtaining the grant. The grant ranged from N$ 3 000 to N$ 40 000.

The consultant company pleads for the government to create more bodies to aid funding to established enterprises as that is the only way we can revive the economy.

SME Compete Consultancy has offered business training, mentorship, business services to generate profits to more than 700 businesses around Namibia.

To enter the program SMS: +264 81 644 3013 or +264 81 128 3982.

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