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Electrician with a Spark

Many people would get frustrated just at the thought of going a day without electricity, especially that we are so dependent on gadgets and equipment that run mostly on electricity.

Luckily you really do not have to go a day without power, even if it’s due to wrong wirings or fuses. That is Gideon’s specialty, anything electrical actually. It’s a gift, really, when you consider that he has been at it since the early 90s (1993 to be specific) without having had any kind of formal training in it. It’s like that for some people, they’ve just got it.

His career began with a job as an assistant artisan at an electric company in 1993, where he learned on the job and started doing side jobs in his spare time until he got fired when he got found out.

“I did not learn much in my youth but I have always been good with my hands, especially anything to do with electricity. After I got a job, I started doing small jobs at people’s houses on weekends, and I got fired for it. But because I had no qualifications to go and look for other jobs, I decided to continue doing the small jobs since I already had clients.” Gideon said.

He began his business in 1997, business picked up as he got more work. Eventually, in 2006, he registered GG Shooya Electric cc after saving up enough money to hire a few more hands to help him. GG stands Gerald Gideon, his names. Since then, the company has grown considerably from being a one-man operation to having a staff of 44 employees. The company’s first premises were his house in Katutura, until in 2016 when he moved office to a warehouse in an industrial area.

Because he had very little education, Gideon decided to enrol for an English course which proved a good investment. “Not being educated is a problem, you have to depend on others. Since I had people working for me with good qualifications from the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) and various Vocational Training Centres (VTCs), I decided to also improve my skills by learning English which is the language used the most in business. As a company owner, I needed to communicate well in meetings, and understand documents like contracts and so on. I’m from the Afrikaans time, so it was not easy” he added.

Because of his busy schedule, he ended up doing the course over a span of about 6 years on and off. He also decided that knowing the work was not enough, and enrolled for a short course at NamPower to improve his knowledge and get a trade certificate.

GG Shooya Electric cc has enjoyed some good days, working on tenders with government ministries and private companies. The company which began with house calls managed to bag some good opportunities and that is an achievement to celebrate.

Gideon prides himself on his good work ethics and acknowledges that without discipline and determination even great ideas never get off the ground. “Considering my educational background, I think I’ve done well for myself at the point where my business is right now.”

GG Shooya Electric cc still does house calls and has an experienced team. For them, no job is too small. They can be found at Lafrenz, Industrial Street, No. 150, Unit 8. And can also be reached at 081 256 3970.

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