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Egoli Decor and Events- Stylishness Is All You Need When You Both Express the I Do’s!

Egoli Decor and Events is a northern-based event planner and décor business which provides everything from tents, chair covers, sash decorations, flowers, pillars, center pieces, photo-stands, sound systems and any other decorations needed for an event. 

Established in 2015, the décor company offers affordable yet stylish decor services. The company is based in the vicinity of Onankali-South and their tents have an idealistic appeal that will never go out of style. They have a track record all over the northern regions, for providing simple yet stylish tent designs and most importantly for creating good memories for weddings and other events. Their décors allow you to fully absorb the beauty of your venue. Their services have been observed in all 4’O regions. 

Egoli Decor and Events’ tents are ideally made to cater for any couple who picked their outdoor space for their picturesque qualities or striking views. Apart from weddings, they also offer decor for different kinds of events using up-to-the-minute materials that match the modern era. Their prices are quite flexible and they offer special discounts to their loyal customers. They also rent out decor materials at a reasonable price. 

The company welcomes negotiations and they are always ready to meet their client’s expectations. Their motor is “Guard your wallet and live a happy wedded life”, which means they are primarily focused on offering quality services that will not leave customers in any financial burdens. Because of their generosity, they also advise customers on how to spend wisely on décor materials in preparations for their big day.

If you are interested in seeing what else they have to offer or to get a quote, feel free to contact them. They are contactable through their mobile numbers on 081 200 4347 or 081 482 0062, they also have a Facebook page: and their e-mail address is: . Though, for more effective service, phoning them is the best way to go!

With their services, you will never be stressed. All you need to bring into the tent is your food and drinks; the sound system, chairs, tables, plates and other items, they will provide for you. Spend less and experience amazing services. Your future is their concern.

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