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Dream-Achievers Brand, Transforming you into the Achiever You have wanted to Become All Along

Although it’s predominantly a motivational gear, who says you can’t rock it in regular life? We are talking about Dream-Achievers, a ready-to-wear brand for all ages. 

Its founder, Simon Shipalanga, popularly known as Abzella is a household name in the Namibian fashion scene. Take your pick from his T-shirts, Tops, Hoodies, jerseys, caps, ladies Track pants, tracksuits, floppies, mask and car stickers. 

The Dream achiever as the name suggests, conveys a strong message; an inspiration message that targets to motivate people to follow their dreams until they make it a reality. Shipalanga said that the brand motivates people to be proud of how far they have come in life and acknowledge every little accomplishment in their lives. 

It’s the versatile brand apparel which makes this brand a must-have for every dreamer’s wardrobe. You can wear it to work or play, dress it up with a blazer or sweater or even wear it out to dinner. Super soft and lightweight with a powerful message.

The dream achiever brand caters for both men, women and children. Their brand can be found at 365 creative in Ondangwa, Three Sister Mall, shop no. 12 or alternatively one can contact the brand promoters in every region through the brand Manager on 0814708418. 

You can also follow them on their social media platforms: Instagram @dream_acheavers and Facebook: Dream-Achievers

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