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Don’t just be a farmer, be a profitable farmer

After my contract of four years with Telecom Namibia was terminated last year due to Corona, I decided I am not going to sit at home and do nothing but rather utilize my skills and knowledge for something profitable to sustain myself and my family. I was posed with the uncertainty of when and where I will get my next job, and being in the agricultural industry for 15 years, I thought to myself whatever I use to do at work I can do it by myself.

Hernutt Nitschke holds a diploma in Agriculture from the University of Namibia and six certificates in agricultural-related fields. He has been in the agricultural industry for 15 years and finally decided to do something greater to challenge his skills and also excel in the field that he likes most. According to him, although agriculture is taught in Namibian schools, there are no workshops that train people on how to become successful farmers and make a profit out of it.

Many farms in Namibia are subsidized by the government, thus it spends a lot of money in funding those farms. Farmers do not know how to farm even though they own huge hectares of land and own herds of livestock, they do not know how to make money out of it. Some of the people just received settlement farms, and they do not have any farming familiarity so they end up employing people without any experience in farming to avoid or cut costs.

He, therefore, came up with Herlin Agri Consultant, to train and advice farmers and landowners on how to go about making their farming activities profitable. The company provides subsistence farmers with different farming techniques and ways to farm different livestock. He gives consultancy services on agricultural research projects, detailed agricultural project plans for landowners who want to engage in the farming business.  He is more experienced in Afrikaner cattle, Boer goat, Karakul Pelt production, thus also advise on animal husbandry.

With Namibia being part of the EU, there is a need for proper vaccination of livestock because the meat is exported. He provides vaccination programs to farmers, gives them vitamin supplements suggestions as well as time or seasons suitable for vaccination. He also provides bits of advice on which breed to farm intensively, for example with chicken and pigs for the business or farming to flourish. Provide them with information on why they should vaccinate and why it is necessary and the best season for them to vaccinate

Crop production is one of his areas of specialization, with Namibia being an arid land, crop production needs a lot of water.

Alternatively, he trains farmers on greenhouse matters to cut costs and farm intensively. For plant production, he trains and offers farmers’ advice on horticulture, hydroponics, herb cultivation, shows them how to test the soil and what type of plant is suitable for that specific soil.

The northern land is the most productive land and the north receives a good amount of rain; landowners in the north however only tend to plant mahangu for personal consumption and do not make a single cent out of their large hectares of land. He is therefore dedicated to help them use their land to profitable, simultaneously also create employment opportunities. For all your farming needs, he can be contacted at or 0812508848.

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