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Cleaned to Perfection- Best Wash and fold in Ondangwa, Oshakati and Ongwediva

Outsourcing a tedious house chore is one of the smartest things people in the working class do; thanks to the laundry and cleaning service providers. 

Many people vow to never go back to doing house chore when there are thousands of service providers willing to help out on a reasonable price. 

Cleaned to Perfection is a cleaning company that helps with house cleaning, office cleaning, laundry, ironing and folding for both domestic and commercial clients. Their services are offered in the northern towns, specifically in the towns of Ondangwa, Oshakati and Ongwediva. 

Liinah Uukule, the founder of the company told Biashara news that Cleaned to Perfection specializes in the wash & fold laundry, making people’s lives easier from the moment they place an order. She added that they also provide commercial laundry and cleaning service for businesses and events within the three towns.

“With a focus on personalized service, competitive rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to meet and exceed expectations,” Liinah said. The company is famously known for providing the best service, for their fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service.

Great service begins and ends with experienced, trustworthy and friendly professionals, which describes their amazing team. Their team is the best in the business; get in touch with them on 081 854 3122. You can call, or text them, they respond immediately. They also have monthly packages available on a once a week routine. Happy laundry day!

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