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Cheap and Efficient: Oshikuku Entrepreneur Invents Biogas for Domestic Cooking

An Oshikuku based entrepreneur vows to bring to an end the “fire word collection”  predicament in the northern part of the country as he invents Biogas, a simple technology that will aid communities  to claim their natural dignity and cook in a smoke free environment.

Vilho Kalimbo, the founder and Manager of Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc, told Biashara newspaper that the biogas provides an inexpensive clean energy to everyone especially the unemployed, underpaid and those that are taking care of larger families. Biogas will also spare people high electricity bills and put to an end the hustle of firewood fetching which also destroys plants and the ecosystem at large.

“Women and children in the rural areas spend an average of 3 hours every day of their lives looking for fire woods, not to forget that they risk their respiratory well-beings by inhaling firewood smoke everyday of their lives. We want to bring this to an end. The health benefits of this invention are greatest for women and children who are present when cooking occurs” Kalimbo said.

Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc produces gas from locally available agricultural residues or from animal and human waste, with valuable organic fertilizer as a by-product, and it is easy to store. Biogas technology in Namibia like any other country, will address energy dependency and improve agricultural production. This kind of renewable energy activities help individual households, gardeners, food retailers, hospitality businesses, town councils etc. to deal with organic waste in a more productive and valuable manner.

“The response from the community is positive, people see potential in the product and results are evident. We are still raising awareness, promoting and educating the public on biogas; how it’s used, its environmental and social benefits apart from its economic bearing and employment creation” Kalimbo added.

Thikamapo Biogas and Farming cc will launch this product officially on the 13th of November 2020 from 9am – 12pm at the Oshikuku Town Lodge.

“We have already engaged the Otshikuku Trade Association, our mother bridge for the business communities here in Oshikuku; they will be present at this launch. I am also inviting all members of the public, farmers and business people to attend the official launching of this product” he added.

Kalimbo can be contacted on his mobile number +264 81 3364 694 or via email on 

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