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Call for Application to Tulonga Mentorship Program Now Open

Tulonga foundation is a nonprofit organisation in Namibia which aims at strengthening the inclusive education system and voices of learners with disabilities and girls from marginalized and underserved communities.

Their main aim is to empower young girls to take on leadership roles by facilitating mentoring relationships, providing opportunities for reflection and self-examination, as well as teaching practical skills. Our society has made it difficult for women to have self-confidence and to grow in leadership roles by making them inferior to men. Society believes that women in leadership cannot deliver as much as men can do.

Despite the huge number of successful women occupying leadership roles across the whole world, it is surprising that a number of people still distrust women in leadership. Simultaneously, people from marginalized areas and people living with disabilities lack confidence in partaking in leadership roles because there are being judged by the systematic exclusion of disabled and marginalized people in societies.

Tulonga foundation mentorship program helps young learners strengthen their personalities and characteristics, find their goals and exercise authorities. This program helps these people to unearth excellence, cultivate resilience and pursue leadership positions that contribute to the development of healthy and strong relationships that help them to reach their full potentials in their communities. It also helps motivate individuals to realise their potentials to actively engage in their communities and go an extra mile to make their dreams come true because they are just as important as any other person in society.

Tulonga foundation also offers a special fitness program so that learners with disabilities are afforded the benefits of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Participants are given opportunities to learn about the benefits of exercise and wellness by certified trainers and physiotherapists. According to the founder of Tulonga foundation, Hillia N Mwatiledu, learners are immersed in a world where they are not judged by the number of their possessions but by the goodness and dignity of their lives in communities. Gabriella Okamaru one of the Tulonga girls, said that through Tulonga, she has become a more confident and determined woman as she has learned to embrace challenges with an open mind and visualize every opportunity as a step towards a larger goal.

Tulonga foundation education mentorship leadership ensures that every learner completes a quality inclusive education without discrimination or exclusion. The program also provides learners with tutoring, counselling, mentorship and coaching courses. No learner was supposed to be judged according to where they come from or their disabilities for these are circumstances that they found themselves in that they cannot control. Application to this amazing movement can be done by calling 0812465600.

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