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CAFO Launches School Readiness Program in Schools

School readiness program is an initiative under The Church Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) which gives pre-primary teachers and educators at government, private schools and ECD centers that use the government curriculum an opportunity, to do a self-guided course to make it easier for learners to get a smooth transition from pre-primary to grade one.

CAFO is a Namibian NGO established under the Council of Churches in Namibia with the aim of supporting orphans and vulnerable children. As the organisation is donor depended, being supported by the Roger Federer Foundation, the donor required to focus on a school readiness initiative whereby teachers do a self-guided course. Recently Roger Federer Foundation have signed a memorandum of agreement with the government and hoping for the best and that many donors can come through.

The course is done on a tablet that consists of ten modules, adding to the ones which the teachers already have which then makes it easier for them to give learners a soft shift to grade one and avoid failures in higher grades because they are well prepared from the lower grade. After completion of two modules, teachers come together for a learning group to discuss what they have learned in the modules.

According to Miss Hileni Nashango, the regional program officer of Oshana and Oshikoto, participants of the program graduate and are given certificate of participation. She added that the organisation is doing a great job since they started the program in 2018 and to-date, they have 51 primary schools and 9 ECD centers. She further added that they are almost done with Oshana and will be moving to Oshikoto full time next year although they already started the program in 30 primary school and 9 ECD centers in the region.

Mr kalola principal at onaushe and Selma Mwapopi the Regional Assistant Officer at The Church Alliance For Orphans (CAFO) in Oshana Region.

The organisation is working together with the Ministry of education, Ministry of gender, Ministry of Finance and many other stakeholders like IOL, AMOS, PREVOLI and KAYEC in this program.

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