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“BOYS CARE’’ Programme Says ‘NO’ To Period Shame by Donating Sanitary Pads to girls at Ella Du Plessis High School

SODA Consultancy in collaboration with BOSS Riders Club launched the ‘’Boys Care’’ programme, an initiative to encourage and educate the boys on the importance of buying sanitary pads for their sisters. 

Even during Covid-19 times, the hardest times in the world, SODA Consultancy and BOSS Riders Club, through some strategic partnerships, continue to provide positive news. On Friday, February 12, 2021, they launched the “Boys Care” programme, which encourages young boys to buy sanitary pads for any girl child in need. It is a key challenge facing many teenage female learners – being able to afford basic essential monthly necessities such as sanitary pads. Consequently, many resort to missing school on the days they have their period. 

Speaking at the event, Sidney Boois, the Independent John Maxwell Speaker, Coach and Trainer said that their association has noted with concern that a total number of 3625 teenage pregnancies were reported for the 2020 school calendar year, with the highest rates recorded in Omusati (562), Kavango East (522), Kavango West (522) and Zambezi (514), Khomas (139) among others. 

“As such, SODA Consultancy as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has decided to solicit partners for collaboration aimed at integrating principles and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and learning, to empower school-going youth to make informed decisions,” Boois said. 

A drop box was installed at Ella du Plessis High School, the inaugural school in Windhoek and the Boys Club at the school showed up with sanitary pads to show love, support and to address this oppressive circumstance facing the girl child; there was also a life-coaching session at this event. 

Boois hailed the Ella du Plessis High School Boys Club for their response. “I am overwhelmed by this moment today, of witnessing and participating at the occasion of the launch of the ‘’Boys Care’’ Programme, where the Ella du Plessis Boys Club introduced a drop box for sanitary pads as part of their project activities,” Boois said. 

He urged every community to build social trusts through collaboration, contribution and commitment. “I started my voluntary effort with Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in 2015; however, stakeholder relations is an area the said Ministry must scale-up to ensure education for sustainable development is realized” He added. 

SODA Consultancy together with its committed representatives and other stakeholders have embarked on a journey to come up with innovative ways to assist school girls with free sanitary pads. Sponsor at this event included; BOSS Riders Club (sanitary pads), Women of Influence, Fellowship & Inspiration (WiFi) from AFM Living Waters Church (sanitary pads) Ella du Plessis High School, Boys Club (sanitary pads) and City of Windhoek- City Police Traffic Department (Partner), who made this project possible. This project will be replicated at schools in other parts of the country.  

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