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BIPA warns the public ‘Use agents at your own risk’

The Business and Intellectual Property Authority (BIPA) CEO Vivienne Katjioungua highlighted the organization mission on Friday after multiple agencies used BIPA ’s name for personal gain.

 “it should be clarified that no other entity can conduct business or intellectual property registration on behalf of BIPA, as BIPA is the sole legal mandate in Namibia to facilitate these registrations. However, it is common for private busines owners, accounting and auditing firms to offer business or intellectual property registration to their clients. The consultants are referred to as agents, and the fee charged is agreed between the clients and the agents, not that of BIPA.  Any business owner who wants to register their business is free to decide whether they want to work directly with BIPA or appoint a private agent”, said Katjioungua.

“If BIPA becomes aware of any agency or entity proclaiming to do business under BIPA’s name, the organization is ready to launch an internal investigation, and refer suspicious cases to the police”.

Katjioungua, confirms that BIPA deliver it services on first-come-first served basis. The delay on registration process comes as most clients submit incomplete applications, incorrect or the supporting documents are missing. BIPA utilizes a range of channels such as the website, social media and emails to deliver accurate information so clients understand the process and familiarize themselves with the relevant accurate document.

Biashara understands that the organization has launched a fraud hotline that operates 24/7 for unethical behavior relating to the registration services incidents. The toll-free number is 0800 900 900 and it is open to public or one can send an email to

The CEO urges the public to do their homework and obtain quotes from more than one agent or consultant before registration. BIPA foster economic growth and development, promote employment and offer efficient protection and administration of business and intellectual property services in Namibia.

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