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Betterdays, A Rising Local Brand

Starlin Atshipara and Samora Nailenge, who came up with the branding Betterdays during their University endeavours, established Betterdays in 2017.

According to Starlin, back in their university years, whenever they will find themselves without taxi fare or lunch money, he would always tell his friend “don’t worry better days are coming” and this is how they came up with this initiative of Betterdays which they later turned into a clothing brand.

Local brands always tend to be catchy and sounding cool at times and there is always a story behind a catchy brand like Betterdays. However, just like any business out there, local brands also face many challenges; for Betterdays, is having a whole lot of ordered goods stocked up and never claimed by clients. How about having a high demand but low supply? Painful right? However, this does not stop the Betterdays brand from growing and becoming what it is today.

Their suppliers produce high-quality goods, ranging from t-shirts, women’s tops, golfers, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, bags, vests, bodywarmers, bucket hats and caps. Starlin operates from his homestead in Otjomuise and Samora who is based in Oshakati, prints the clothes from there.  The wordings are well pressed and laid out, you would not miss it on a passerby while roaming the streets.

To promote the brand, Betterdays does activations all around Namibia and their goods are also available for delivery countrywide. “Business is booming and my vision for the brand is that it becomes the top-selling local brand.” Said Starlin. He also wishes for the brand to go international as many Namibians abroad show interest in the brand. Occasionally orders from abroad come from Namibians in neighbouring South Africa and a shipment was sent to Cuba recently.

There is no doubt that Betterdays is a growing local brand as many Namibians show interest in the brand and very soon, it will be more than just a local clothing brand. You can check them out on their Instagram page @betterdaysna. Betterdays are coming indeed.

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