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Amazing Kids Private School Emerge Winners of the 2021 NAMWIE NATIONAL STEM Quiz

Finally, the National STEM Quiz took place and it was Amazing Kids Private School from Windhoek that emerged as winners.

The competition which was organised by the Namibia Women in Engineering (NAMWIE) and supported by NamPower Foundation took place on the 16th of June 2021 and focused on female learners from Grade 8 to Grade 10.

The NAMWIE National QUIZ has highlighted that given an opportunity, the young female learners can excel and bring laurels to their Schools. The NAMWIE Quiz was held virtually due to the ongoing pandemic.

The main objective was to excite the learners towards STEM and give them a break from the traditional learning environment, expanding their knowledge and exploring new skills at an early age. Igniting the STEM spark at an early age by organizing such competitions accords the learners an opportunity to compete.

The event saw 23 teams registered for the event from various regions of Namibia. This Quiz had created excitement amongst the learners and their Science teachers giving some excitement in the pandemic. However, some schools went under lockdown during the week prior to the Quiz and unfortunately were unable to participate. The Schools were given an opportunity to test run the MSTEAMs with NAMWIE Volunteers to establish the challenges they were facing before the main events.

Finally, 9 schools participated in the event, which was held virtually on the MSTEAMS Platform. Schools that participated in the event are as follows: Duinesig High School, Outjo Secondary School, Oshikuyu Combined School, David Shingo Combined School, Nanghonda Combined School, Linus Shashipapo Secondary School, Flamingo Secondary School, Amazing Kids Private School, and Sunshine Private College.

The event was held virtually on the MSTEAMS Platform. All 9 schools had gone through the 1st Round of the event however, there were only four schools that made it to the 2nd Round which are as follows: Oshikuyu Combined School, Amazing Kids Private School, Flamingo Secondary School, and Linus Shashipapo Secondary School

The quiz went on for strong four hours and was hotly contested amongst all teams. There was a tie between the Amazing Kids Private School and the Oshikuyu Combined School team while Flamingo Secondary School went head to head with the Linus Shashipapo Secondary School.  The Amazing Kids school team was eventually declared the winner followed by 1st runner-up Oshikuyu Combined School Team and 2nd runner-up Flamingo Secondary School.

Oshikuyu Combined School Team was represented by: Philipus Indileni (Grade 9) Shipulwa Raura (Grade 8), Wilbard Faustina (Grade 8), and Sheehama Martha (Grade 9) with their coach being Ms. Lavinia Hakwenye

Flamingo Secondary School was represented by: Joy Kaboy (Grade 8), Helena Nuujoma (Grade 9), Magana Muzanima (Grade 10), and Francine Shapaka (Grade 10) with their coach being Ms. Hilma Nangula Nuule.

There are three trophies of different sizes that will be given to the three winners. The participants will be appreciated with the medals of different colours, Gold – Amazing Kids Private School, Silver- Oshikuyu Combined School, and Bronze – Flamingo Secondary School.

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