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All-Stars Soccer Team and 11 Arrows Netball team come out at the Top in the 2020 Biashara News Tournament

They say when it rains on your parade, you dance in it; we certainly did on Saturday. Biashara newspaper hosted their first-ever soccer and netball tournament for 2020. After so many days of training and hard work, the teams show-cased great sportsmanship in a short period.

This was a memorable competition and we congratulate All-Stars soccer team and 11 Arrows netball team on their well-deserved victories which underlined the importance of preparedness, teamwork and togetherness in both football and netball game.


A total of four (4) took part in this competition. More teams meant greater variety in formations and approaches, but for those intent on attack, beating the defensive block proved an uphill challenge. In a company of SFC, NUST and Genesis FC, All-Stars Football Club emerged a winner of this competition when they pulled a five-star performance from the beginning of the tournament. NUST soccer team were the runner-up while SFC took the 3rd position. Due to the setup of the completion, the winner had to take all, so All-Stars walked away with a prize of N$1200.

Soccer winners

  1. All-stars- N$1 200
  2. NUST
  3. SFC


Congratulations to the 11 Arrows netball team who were named the top netballers to compete in the Biashara news Tournament 2020. Go Monate came as runner-up while NUST scooped the third position.

Netball winners

  • 11 Arrows- N$ 2000 + trophy
  • Go Monate- N$ 1500
  • NUST- N$ 1000

A huge congratulations to all soccer and netball teams who competed in this competition. That was a win on its own and they can all be very proud of this achievement.

A big thank you to our tournament organizer, Ms Jane Toivo for her tireless effort in putting together an event of this magnitude, officials for both soccer and netball games for allowing us to drive and make this first-time trial happen, Vineta Stadium for hosting us and the Swakopmund community for showing up in numbers to support the participating teams.

We are looking forward that this co-operation and partnership with these stakeholders will expand more in the coming future.

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