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Agrischoenau Charcoal – Adding Value to Farmer’s Lives

With the global charcoal market expected to grow significantly over the projected period on account of rising demand for the product in recreational cooking and hospitality industry, Agrischoenau Charcoal is ready to diversify their local and international market while fighting bush encroachment.

Speaking to Biashara news, Agrischoenau Charcoal Manager, Immanuel Sheehama said that the business is ready to supply the country with home-made charcoal.  “We produce charcoal from encroacher bushes. We mostly find farms who are battling with bush encroachment, we de-bush using a panga and axes to clear up the land for better grazing as per Forestry guidelines and international FSC standards” Sheehama said.

The company produces charcoal from scratch with the majority of the trees used coming from private farms and private land, including ranches that were converted to agriculture or cleared to make way for grazing. “We are opening up the farmer’s grazing land at the same time increasing their carrying capacity. In return, we decarbonize the cut trees, process it, market it and sell it off as raw products. That is now job creation and economic participation” Sheehama emphasized.

Agrischoenau Charcoal has been in business for a long time now, having evolved faster than any other producers. Sheehama believes that the business’ uniqueness is in the flexibility of adapting new ways of producing charcoal and that’s what keeps them at the top of their league.

“Agrischoenau has expanded and grown significantly over the years through taking advantage of high demand of charcoal in Europe, South Africa and local markets. We have exported close to 200 tons directly to South Africa and sold about 600 tons to local processing companies. For our products to be kept safe during consignment between the manufacturing facility and the retailer, we have introduced value addition by packaging 4kg charcoal bags for local consumption” He said.

Agrischoenau Charcoal’s Head Office is located in Windhoek with operation sites in Gobabis, in the Omaheke region. The company welcomes everyone who is looking for high volume of charcoal and farmers who are losing their grazing land to bush-encroachment. They can be contacted on 0852791235.

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