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A Go-Getter’s Second Chance at Success- The story of Shaba

Beginning on this February 2021, I met a guy, I found him sitting in a park in Wanahenda, worried and did not know where his next meal will come from or where he will lay his head the next morning. He looked worried, with a sitting posture of a man holding a bag with everything he owns.

Because I was gathering news for our online newspaper, I decided to approach him. His name is Nelson ‘Shaba’ Shiningayamwe. Lost his joinery job four months ago due to covid-19 and because lightning strikes thrice nowadays, he was no longer able to afford rent; he has since been on the streets for a month’s now. When he approached me it was with his hat in his hand. He said he wanted someone to talk to before he ran mad due to depression and so we sat on that bench and he narrated his story. 

“I have tried to get employment in vain. Everywhere I go they tell me they are in fact looking to retrench. I have tried to get these general worker’s jobs but you won’t believe me when I tell you that just when my turn comes to be picked after the people I showed up with have been picked, they tell me to try next time. Truth is, I am beginning to think I have been cursed.” He said. 

We talked for more than an hour. He showed me his ID and a copy of his resume. He says any joinery, carpentry or even Car Washing job will be good. But beggars can’t be choosers and so he was also willing to do any job, to get a roof over his head and food in his belly. He also requested that I give him my phone so that he can log into his Facebook account as he wanted to show me part of the work he has done; amazing built-in cupboards and kitchen cupboards. He also showed me pictures of him washing cars at a certain car wash in Windhoek. 

I told him I couldn’t offer him any job, unfortunately, but perhaps someone in my circle might. I took his number and I gave him mine. Two weeks ago, he reached out to me, he said a Samaritan from Windhoek sponsored him with a washing machine/ vacuum to use it and sustain himself. He said the Samaritan read about him from a story I shared on social media and he thought he could help. 

Today, Nelson is running a cleaning service business in Windhoek, running his Clean Home Club (CHC), with a magic machine that is performing wonders. He is based in Windhoek and he cleans mattresses, beds, sofas of any type, carpets, floors of houses and offices and unblocking of kitchen and toilet zincs. He said he also goes from complex to complex, house to house vacuuming cars for a reasonable price. He works on house visits, meaning, you just call him and he avails himself.

He said if I can share his business as I did with his life story, it will help him secure a few more deals around Windhoek. He also has an active Facebook page and he has asked me to share his business number that is accessible on WhatsApp, 0813469263. Sharing his business information might be a good place to start for his business.

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