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A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer with LESO Media

Biashara newspaper visited LESO Media’s CEO Laban Ebenezer, who explains what Graphic Design professionals exactly do. He explicates that graphic designing as a profession, is pretty much linked to marketing and communication and the career is more than just graphics.

While some people believe their domain expertise starts at logos and ends there too, Laban sees graphic designers as mythical creatures making imaginations come to life with their unique skill set. 

“When people ask me what I do for a living, what I really want to do is just show them. For me, graphic design is about finding the best way to bring ideas to life: posters, film, installation, animation, or even objects. So, a day at LESO Media is really about following ideas wherever they may lead and getting distracted (I mean, inspired) along the way” Laban said. 

He left university in his third year to pursue his career as a full-time graphic designer. With no direction, Laban did a couple of internships and first-level entry jobs. He has now done designing works for book publishing companies, where he would design the back, spine and flaps of book covers, billboards for service stations and corporates, publications for government institutions and many logos and events’ invitation cards. 

“A few years later I decided to go back to the University of Namibia to finish what I had started. I graduated with an honors degree in Media and Public Relations. While doing my internship, shortly after quitting school, I learned a lot about how to design books and websites. I also got to work on website design projects of different businesses. My experience as an intern was a turning point in my career since for the first time I really understood what graphic design is all about and what it takes to produce the world-class work that they do. ”

Laban said that he started designing back in high school. “Back in the day, I had an old computer; I used to practice adobe Photoshop on there. I knew, earning a degree in graphic design may make it easier to land me my first job, but in graphic design, a degree isn’t required if you’re a talented designer, skilled in Adobe Creative Suite; and fortunately for me that helped and I started LESO Media. Today LESO has accumulated over 500 clients within 3 years of its business operation💪🏽” Laban said. 

Laban says that there are must-have skills for any graphic designer. He said that professional designers combine creative knowledge with their artistic ability to create work that revolves around visual communication. “Multi-tasking, soft-skills, and ability to work in teams are must-haves for design professionals. In most cases, you get an idea from the client, which you need to work around in order to come up with a final design” he added. 

He encourages upcoming designers to be observant of the world around them. “You’ll be amazed how many things you start to see and how seemingly disconnected things can come together when working on a design project” he concluded.

You can contact him for all your design works on 0817874418.

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Laban Ebenezer December 10, 2020 at 8:14 am

Many thanks to Biashara Newspaper for this opportunity. I will share the link with my colleagues.



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