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2020 Tourism Expo needed more marketing

Critics from bad turnout on Windhoek Showground was no shock this year but one would have expected the Namibia Tourism Expo not be a success either given the Covid-19 status quo.

Research shows that Namibian population alone is not good enough to support local entertainment and business trades, hence the tourism expo flop. Unfortunately, with the Covid-19 battle much has been affected, as a result the Tourism Expo did not sell out as ought to do. The bad results could be spotted on the grounds from a few number of business stalls and low customer turn out.

Like any other trade depending on tourist the Tourism expo needed outmost support from locals although, the entertainment side tried to captivate the locals’ attention, it was not effective for the business stalls that were trading at the expo.

The big question, were people really expecting the tourism expo to be on this year? Already not much marketing was done, not to mention it came on short notice to the public and considering identifying the stumpy number of tourists in the country maybe putting it on hold was the best alternative.

Even though, entertainment was very well delivered with featuring the popular South African artist Mr. KG performing the Jerusalem famous dance. Applaud, on site the expo did maintain its COVID-19 health regulations by selling their tickets in 6 batches allocated for 6sqm, permitting only 1000 people at the entertainment area.

The 2020 Namibia Tourism expo ran from the 4-7 November at the Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW). The Namibia Tourism expo is a tradeshow that provides services and products as well as promoting industrial and motto work to travel tourists and locals.

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