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20-Year-old Local Film Maker Seeks Investors

It’s not practically possible for angel investors and venture entrepreneurs to show interest in each and every pitch they get from founders. On the other side, even budding entrepreneurs with some unique ideas need not talk to hundreds of investors to attract funds in the initial stage. Luckily, finding investors for your startup in Namibia has got easier and less time-consuming than before, with newspapers like Biashara, who are passionate about seeing SMEs prosper. 

We are sharing a letter by Matheus Mbundu, a 20-year-old Visual Effects Artist and Filmmaker from Okahandja, Namibia, to help his production in raising adequate funds from the right investors. Be generous to help people like Matheus and co, who are trying to create jobs for themselves and others in this economic recession. Also check out the link in the article for their amazing piece of work. Here is that letter as received.

Dear Potential investors

My name is Matheus Mbundu, a 20-year-old Visual Effects Artist and Filmmaker from Namibia, Okahandja. I have established a media group titled: (GrandPix Entertainment Studios), it consists of seven Actors/Actresses and three Crew members. We have so far shot three feature films, but we have been struggling with distribution due to a lack of funds we need so that this film can generate profits, and also run our media related services.

The reason why we as youths have established this kind of business is that we live in an informal settlement, commonly known as (5 Rand Camp in Okahandja, Namibia), where many young people want to establish their dreams in becoming Independent Film Stars including Music Stars, we, therefore, came up with this idea so that we can create youth employment in order for other youth`s to make their dreams come true in becoming real Television Stars, in terms of bringing bread on their tables to feed their Families.

Our Film Production Business is currently not in operation, we have currently stopped our operations until we get funding/Investments to run our media services, and distribute our previously made films.

We aim to create youth employment, within our community and to also inspire people through positive messages via our films which are filled with African content.

The Investors that would invest in this Business, would hold 55% of monthly profits until the entire Investment is paid off with Interest in 1 Year and 6 Months.

This is a link which leads to our previous works: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMkzFO3Q8jlnOYC6aZc8cIA

I can be reached on +264813612089 or matheusjstar@gmail.com

Your support will be highly appreciated. God bless you


Matheus Mbundu

GrandPix Entertainment Studios

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